Triskele Bookclub

36. Liza Perrat interviews Linda Kovic-Snow

35. Triskele talks to Tamim Sadikali, author of Dear Infidel

34. Interview with Susie Day, author of The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones

33. Review of Unforgivable by Sharon Robards

32. Interview with JW Hicks, author of Rats

31. Reviews of Rats by JW Hicks

30. Interview with Al Brookes, author of The Gift of Looking Closely.

29. Review of Until the Robin Walks on Snow and Interview with Bernice L. Rocque

28. Review of Funeral for an Owl by Jane Davis

27. Interview with Jane Davis

26. Review of Flood and Interview with Ann Swinfen

25. Review of Until Our Blood Is Dry by Kit Habianic

24. Interview with Kit Habianic, author of Until Our Blood Is Dry

23. Spilt Milk by Amanda Hodgkinson - Review and Interview

22. The 7th Day by Nika Lubitsch

21. The Fall of The Empire by Zoe Saadia - Review and Interview

20. Someday Never Comes by Frances di Plino - Review and Interview

19. Interview with Polly Courtney

18. Review of Feral Youth by Polly Courtney

17. Interview with Sheila Bugler

16. Review of Hunting Shadows by Sheila Bugler

15. The Golden Lynx by CP Lesley - Review and Interview

14. Interview with Jess Ruston

13. Review of The Lies You Told Me by Jess Ruston

12. Finnish Author Helena Halme in conversation with Catriona Troth

11. Review of Coffee and Vodka by Helena Halme

10. Peter May, author of the Lewis Man talks to Gillian Hamer. Plus Review.

9. Joni Rodgers talks to Catriona Troth about her novel, The Hurricane Lover

8. Review of The Hurricane Lover, by Joni Rodgers

7. Review of House of Silence and interview with author Linda Gillard

6. Interview with Simon Gough

5. Review of The White Goddess: An Encounter, by Simon Gough

4. Interview with Annemarie Neary

3. Review of A Parachute in the Lime Tree, by Annemarie Neary

2. Interview with Karen Maitland

1. Review - The Owl Killers, by Karen Maitland 

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