Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Writers' Services: Joy Tibbs

Joy Tibbs: Joy of Editing

Providing structural and copy editing services as well as basic proofreading.



Mobile: 07805466642

Triskele Meets Joy Tibbs:

What kind of editing do you do? 
This depends on the client. I can help with structural and copy editing, and with proofreading. I advise on plot consistency, flow, character development, repetition and a range of other issues as well as dealing with basic spelling and grammar.

How do you approach working with a client on a manuscript?

I normally read the first few chapters of a manuscript before advising on the type of editing service the client requires. Once this has been agreed, I read the full manuscript through once. I then perform the first round of edits in Word using tracked changes and adding comments in the margins. Once the client has responded to the comments and implemented the changes, I perform a final read-through to pick up any last-minute typos.

How would you describe a successful author/editor relationship?

A successful author/editor relationship must be extremely honest. While an author may wish to hear how wonderful his or her manuscript is, it is more helpful for the editor to provide constructive criticism in a sensitive way. The editor should never try to change the author’s voice, unless specifically requested to do so. The author/editor relationship is about working together to make the finished product as good as it can possibly be.


Joy is quite literally a joy to work with. She has worked on three of my novels and she'll certainly be my first choice for the next one. It's rare to find someone with an eye for detail as well as a clear view of the bigger picture, but Joy has both. She's also extremely efficient and reliable. Thank you, Joy!
 Polly Courtney, author of Feral Youth, Golden Handcuffs and Poles Apart.


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