Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Writers' Services: JD Smith

JD Smith Design



Suitable for publishers outsourcing design, small press, indie collaboratives and self-published authors, JD Smith offers a range of professional graphic design and typesetting services to clients worldwide.

Cover Design: the finishing touch to any book, and the first thing many readers will see. From dust jackets for hardback books to ebook covers, each one is thoughtfully designed to your requirements, bearing in mind the market and genre, and provided to your printer's specification.

Typesetting: drop capitals at the beginning of chapters, well chosen fonts designed for ease of reading, correct paragraph indents, gutters, new chapter spacing, alternating headers, and ebook conversion - all elements that are considered and incorporated when typesetting your manuscript.

Marketing Materials: be it postcards, posters and bookmarks for your launch, or advertising in magazines, each item can be designed to the style of your book cover. Don't know a printer or want the hassle of finding a reliable one? Just ask. Working with a variety of printers and with vast knowledge of the industry, I can source competitive prices with a reliable service and have them delivered to your door.

Meet JD Smith:

JD Smith lives and works in the English Lake District. Having worked as a graphic designer for over 12 years, and a booklover to boot, she understands the industry.

Jane spends most of her time attempting to remain professional, efficient, talented and affordable, because so many of her lovely clients have given her testimonials to that effect, whilst trying to keep her three children from switching off the wireless router, unplugging power cables and writing on her Facebook wall.

The pseudonym JD Smith was created as the username on a writers' messageboard many years ago, and was adopted as her preferred Editor's title when launching the writing magazine Words with JAM. Jane is also a writer of historical fiction.

"Jane Dixon-Smith came recommended by a friend. I'm delighted with the cover she created for me. She's fast and easy to work with and really cared about giving me what I wanted."
Sue Moorcroft, author of All That Mullarkey and Love Writing

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