Friday, 27 September 2013

SiteSeeing: Top Ten Sites for Indie Authors

One of the many things we love about the indie author community is the willingness to share. So much knowledge and experience is available and we have taken huge strides forward thanks to the generosity of others. So we’re passing it on. These are ten of the invaluable sites Triskele Books use, each with a recent, relevant post. If you have recommendations to share, please let us know. 


Publishing Perspectives

Global news on all things publishing, overviews of developments, markets, changes and opportunities. A great place to start.

The Writing Platform

Free online resource for all writers and poets ­ emerging, established, not yet published, traditionally published and self-published ­ who are looking for neutral information about writing in a digital age. Rescue remedy for technophobes.

ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors)

A non-profit, global, collaborative, collective of self-publishing writers, with vast resources of information. Lots of first-hand experience and a powerful force for the publishing community. Publishes daily paper with up-to-the-second news.

Jane Friedman

Outspoken, opinionated and extremely well informed, Jane shares her knowledge on writing, reading and publishing in the digital age.

David Gaughran

As well as being the chief source of self publisher tax information via this post, David hosts his own blog. Hands-on, rolled-up sleeves and exactly what an indie author needs to know. Solid, realistic, practical and indispensable advice.

The Bookseller

British magazine containing the latest news from the publishing and bookselling worlds, in-depth analysis and features.

The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn shares her breadth of knowledge as an independent authorpreneur. Writing, publishing, marketing, speaking; she’s got it all going on.

Joel Friedlander

The Book Designer provides a wealth of information on How to Make a Book, from cover design to typography, blogging and common errors.

Emma Darwin

Emma’s blog is a go-to site for all kinds of authors who care about their craft. She constantly encourages us to strive for better.

Indie ReCon

This year’s virtual conference for indie writers provided advice and intelligence on EVERYTHING. Next one coming up Feb 24-26, 2014. Lots of great material in the archives.

by JJ Marsh

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