Monday, 27 October 2014

Just What I've Always Wanted!

"For anyone serious about literature, this is indispensable." - C. Dickens
"All young ladies should have a copy on their person." - J. Austen
"Can't believe no one thought of it before." - J. Joyce
"The perfect blend of practical and entertaining." - E. Bronte
"I bought one for every member of my family." - N. Mitford
"A literary achievement of which one can never tire." S. Johnson
"A groundbreaking work of staggering usefulness." - G. Eliot
"It's got so many words!" - PM Roget
And now, dear Reader, you too can get the essential companion for all things bookish.
Just in time for various end-of-year celebrations.

The Bookmuse Readers' Journal!

You'll laugh, you'll nod, you'll come over all whimsical at least twice.

With prize-winning spoofs, reviews, quotations, note pages, to-be-read sections and so much more, you'll wonder how you managed without for so many years.

Classy, elegant and thoughtful, it's the ideal festive stocking-filler for that very special person in your life.


Available now.

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