Friday 21 November 2014

The Launch Weekend

Saturday - Triskele invades Leatherhead!

Kat, Barbara, Liza, Gilly, Jill and Jane
Tipped off by fellow authors Roz Morris and Jane Davis, we knew Peter Snell, owner of Barton’s Bookshop, was open to indie authors. When we approached him to suggest launching six new books in one afternoon, his response was pragmatic.
"Never done six before, but there’s a first time for everything."
Peter Snell of Barton's Bookshop
We needed no further encouragement. So we turned up, complete with books and themed props, and scattered ourselves around the shop.

Peter and his staff, Cameron and Harvi, did not seem to resent the invasion, but welcomed us, cheerfully supplying coffee. Peter had even made us a chocolate cake. What a host!

A lovely afternoon spent in a beautiful bookshop, with the added bonus of meeting readers and friends.

Thank you, Barton's Bookshop!

Sunday – IAF#14

This was our second time at Chorleywood LitFest.
The previous year we launched our 2013 novels and loaned ourselves out as a Human Library. When we started planning back in April, we wanted to do something different for 2014.

“What about a fair?” I said. “For indie authors.”

“There’s a thought,” said Catriona. “We could have a pop-up bookshop.” 
“Yes, that should be easy enough to organise,” we agreed.
Seven months later, we were kneeling in the mud trying to attach The Indie Author Fair banner to the railings, before lugging boxes of books down a slippery flight of steps, setting up the pop-up media centre, meeting our sponsors, directing authors to their stalls, answering media enquiries and posing for photographs.

Forty authors, hundreds of books, sixteen readings, four sponsors, a thousand catalogues and three hours of buzzing activity, all organised by Triskele Books, with the support of The Alliance of Independent Authors(ALLi) and Chorleywood bookshop. 
Not to mention afternoon teas with more homemade cakes.

At five o’clock, we celebrated with all the other indie authors with a well-deserved glass of wine. According to the feedback, our first ever Indie Author Fair had been a huge success. Catriona, our Triskelite on the ground, reminded me of that early conversation. Easy to organise? Not so much. But between us, we pulled it off.

Roll on next year. 

By JJ Marsh


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