Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Taste of Triskele
Ah, the lazy days of summer. It’s hot, or not. You’ve set up the lounger/hammock/comfy chair. You’ve prepared a cocktail/opened a beer/brewed a cuppa. The next decision is what to read.

If only there were a sample platter: short, digestible and appetising stories with plenty more where that came from...

Ta da!
Triskele Books invite you to come adventuring through time and place.

We’ve picked eight of our most evocative tales to transport you otherwhere. But that’s not all. To truly experience the destination, each story is accompanied by a local recipe.

Our motto? A little of what you fancy does you good.

A Taste of Triskele
A tale, a place, a time, a taste.
Eight delectable short stories, each set in a distinctive location, accompanied by a local dish.
Fall in love with honey, bite into bitterness, sweeten the secrets, indulge your excesses, tickle your palette and free your imagination.
Whether you’re on a beach or in your own back garden, escape into extraordinary worlds.
Bon voyage. And bon appétit.

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