Friday, 8 April 2016

Triskele Tuesday #bookcovers

Our Triskele Books #triskeletuesday fortnightly twitchat last Tuesday, 5th April, explored the subject of #bookcovers: the good, the bad and the ugly.

On hand to answer our questions, and offer tips and information, was our Triskele colleague, editor of Words with JAM and Bookmuse, and award-winning book designer, JD Smith (@JDSmith_Design). She is also the author of The Importance of Book Cover Design.

First off, @TriskeleBooks wanted some tips on getting your book cover right:  

 @JDSmith_Design replied:

Why do we sense a cover is home-made, whilst another has been professionally designed? There’s something just “not quite right” about non-professional covers...

Great book covers are one of the reasons we love reading paperbacks, as well as eBooks...

Do you like faces on bookcovers? Do they work for you, or would you rather imagine the hero/heroine’s face?

And lastly, these are just a few of the favourite bookcovers we discussed...

For an in-depth look at the design process including:

- How to select and work with a designer
- What works and why
- Where to find images
- How to make informed decisions
- Why formatting matters
- What branding means to you
- How to give your book the best chance of success

The Importance of Book Cover Design is available on Amazon.

If you would like to join in on our hour-long Twitchats, simply search for #triskeletuesday at 19.30 GMT every second Tuesday to discuss varied topics on writing, literature and publishing. All opinions most welcome!
Our next Twitchat will be on Tuesday 19th April, on the subject of #womenincrime

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