Friday, 16 June 2017

Post Launch Showcase: JD Smith, The Rebel Queen

What is it?

The Rebel Queen is the fourth book in the Overlord series, chronicling the life of the 3rd century Queen of Palmyra, Zenobia.

Who will enjoy it?

Fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michelle Moran and Maurice Druon. The Overlord series has also be likened to a 'real life Game of Thrones'.

When and where is it set?
The main action is based in Roman Syria at a time when the Empire was close to collapse. The Palmyrene army was the only thing standing in the face of Persian invasion.

Where should I read it?

By the fireside with a glass of smooth red.

Why should I read the fourth in the series first?

Although they do flow in a chronological timeline, you can read the books in any order, each one with its own beginning, middle and end.

How will I feel at the end?

Probably sad. This volume is effectively the beginning of the end. After all, by the time you've finished this book you'll be 2/3rds of the way to finishing Zenobia's tale.

Extract from The Rebel Queen

Beside me, Zenobia parried and sliced with the rest of us. I saw now how hard she had trained in the years of peace. I knew her to practice with the men, I spent hours with her myself going over and over the best positions to attack and defend, but never before had I seen the bloodthirst take hold and watch her face a true enemy in battle instead of our training arena. The muscles on her arms gleamed with sweat, her face hard in concentration, and she wielded her sword as well as any man. She had been in battle before, but this was the first time I witnessed her clash, one on one with the enemy, instead of standing back from the front line, her position a political one, a child in her belly and no wish to risk the life of an unborn heir to Palmyra’s thrown.

Something had changed.

Her position was still a political one, I acknowledged as I parried again and again, watching over Zenobia as much as myself. She fought with the men because she claimed to be one of them. They exulted in seeing her in their lines, unafraid of death. An equal. She had the strength of youth but also the muscle only age rather than training can build. Twenty-five years old and there was no stopping her.

She killed.

I saw it out of the corner of my eye, the slice that shed a man of his life, ripping through muscle and cracking against bone.

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To the world of all things design and literary I'm JD Smith, to everyone else I'm just plain Jane. I'd like to think I'm not too plain - I love books and stories after all.

I am the author of several historical fiction novels, a member of the Triskele Books collective, editor of the writers' ezine Words with JAM, and the readers' review site Bookmuse.

I am also an award-winning book cover designer. I love books, both the physical and the words contained within. I'd like to think it was no surprise that I ended up immersing myself in the world of book design rather than marketing materials for corporate companies, but in many ways it was.

My office door is always open if you wish to join me for a cup of tea.

I love cake. Just in case you were wondering.

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