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1. Foreword, by Philip Jones of The Bookseller

2. If I Had A Crystal Ball..., by CJ Lyons 

3. Indie Picks #1 

4. Self-Publishing in Canada, by Patricia Sands 

5. Self-Publishing and Marketing Children's Books

6. Seven Sword-Swirling Suggestions for Historical Fiction

7. Indie Picks #2

8. Indies in India, by Rasana Atreya

9. Crime Writing - The Poor Man's Literary Fiction? by Gillian Hamer

10. Genre-Bender, by Rohan Quine

11.Genres Busting Out All Over, by Linda Gillard

12. Indie Picks #3

13. Literary Fiction - Isn't it all just clever marketing? By Jane Davis

14. Writing Erotica for Women, by Barbie Scott

15. Tips for Writing Romance, by Sandy Osborne

16. Indie Picks #4

17. DIY LitFests, by Debbie Young

18. Photographs of IAF15




Foyles on London’s Charing Cross Road, host to
The Indie Author Fair (IAF)
on Friday 17th April 2015.

Part of the London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Festival, run by The Alliance of Independent Authors/Indie ReCon, the fair was organised by Triskele Books and sponsored by XPO North.

See Press Release for full details.



Feud, A Traitor'sFate, Kingdom of Rebels

Derek writes action-packed historical fiction set during the Wars of the Roses. His debut novel, Feud, is the first of a series entitled Rebels & Brothers which follows the fortunes of the fictional Ned Elder, a young knight, and his two sisters as they fight to survive the wars. 


Celia's Room, Through the Whirlpool, Twilight Crosser, Lake of Stone

Born in New Zealand, Kevin Booth (a.k.a. K. Eastkott) spent his formative years submerged in reading before setting out to discover the world. His first novel Celia’s Room is contemporary fiction while “The Jewel Fish Chronicles” is an eco-fantasy. Living between Barcelona and London, he combines work as a translator and editor with writing.

Christopher BOWDEN

The Blue Book. The Yellow Room, The Red House, The Green Door

Christopher Bowden, who lives in south London, is the author of four literary mysteries (The Blue Book, The Yellow Room, The Red House, and The Green Door) praised by Andrew Marr, Julian Fellowes, Sir Derek Jacobi, and Shena Mackay.

Isabel BURT


Isabel Burt writes fantasy and fiction for 9-12 and early teens.
Her themes of adventure, romance and mysticism developed from her love of the natural world, and its infinite possibilities.
TOXICS and OCEANS are her first fantasy novels, and introduce The Old World to a new generation of readers.
She blogs at

Holly CAVE

The Generation

Holly is an author and freelance science writer. Her debut novel, The Generation, is set in London in 2052. It’s a world in which your genes tell the State nearly everything about you. Everything you were. Everything you are. Everything you will be. Find out more on her website


Dead and Buryd,
Fight or Flight,

Chele Cooke is a sci-fi and fantasy author living in London, UK. Chele began writing as a teenager in San Francisco writing fanfiction and fantasy. Her obsession with stories grew and she has been writing ever since. Her stories are gritty, character driven, and often include mash-ups of genres.


Chatty Cat First Six Months, Chatty Cat: Spring into Summer [Children's books].On The Rails [Novel]

Internationally selling author, Suzan Collins, enjoys writing fiction as it allows her to make up stories - and eat cake! She also writes non-fiction to inform others - and eats cake!
To see all books by Suzan Collins and find out more about here, please visit:
FB page:
Twitter: @suzancollins


One Night at the Jacaranda;
Outside the Box: Women Writing Women;
Twins & Multiple Births

Carol Cooper is a journalist and award-winning non-fiction author. Her racy debut novel One Night at the Jacaranda follows the fortunes of a disparate group of single Londoners. It was a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards 2014. In her spare time, she’s a doctor.


An Unknown Woman, 
An Unchoreographed Life, 
A Funeral for an Owl, These Fragile Things, 
I Stopped Time

Davis's first novel, Half-truths and White Lies, won the Daily Mail First Novel Award. She was hailed by The Bookseller as ‘One to Watch.’ Compulsion Reads wrote, ‘Davis is a phenomenal writer.' For more information, visit


The Power and The Fury, Spider Web Powder

Once upon a time, James moved to North Yorkshire. This beautiful area inspired him to use it as the location for his middle grade crossover fantasy epic, EDEN CHRONICLES, of which THE POWER AND THE FURY is the highly acclaimed No. 1 of five. Book two, SPIDER WEB POWDER is out now.  .


A Greater World, 
 Kurinji Flowers
A Greater World is set in Australia in 1920 and Kurinji Flowers in 1936 colonial India as war and independence bring about huge changes. Clare Flynn is a former marketing director and management consultant and co-founder of the popular website Make it and Mend it.


Emotional Geology, 
A Lifetime Burning, House of Silence, Untying the Knot, 
The Glass Guardian, Cauldstane.

Linda Gillard lives in the Scottish Highlands. She's the author of seven novels, including STAR GAZING, short-listed in 2009 for Romantic Novel of the Year. Her Kindle bestseller HOUSE OF SILENCE was selected for Amazon UK's Top Ten "Best of 2011" in the Indie Author category.


Becoming Human
Altered Reality
Crimson Dawn
Eliza Green is a Dublin-born science fiction author, and overlord of many fictional lives. Her Exilon 5 trilogy, beginning with Becoming Human, is a dystopian tale of greed, desperation and survival. A terrifying secret will change everything. Altered Reality and Crimson Dawn are Book 2 & 3 in the trilogy.

Helena HALME

The Englishman,
Coffee and Vodka,
The Red King of Helsinki

Helena Halme is a Finnish writer, living and working in London. Her books are all set in her native Nordic country and feature lovers, spies and displaced families.


Callum Fox and the Mousehole Ghost

Callum Fox and the Mousehole Ghost is a time-slip adventure for 8 – 12 year olds set in Cornwall.
Seventy years separate Callum and Jim the evacuee, but as their stories unfold Callum realises they have more in common than anyone could have imagined, and that some secrets last a lifetime.


Baby, Baby;
The Labyrinth Year
Mari Howard’s family-based novels explore cultural change, diversity, and reconciliation. Influenced by writers like Kamila Shamsie and Khalid Hosseini, her books are set within her own Western culture, owing something  to Jojo Moyes and Joanna Trollope. A Londoner born & bred, Mari studied in Newcastle, and lives in Oxford.


Paris Bound; Punching Judy; The Confessions of Becky Sharp; Charles Dickens and the Night Visitors; The Scholar's Tale
David has published six novels and a collection of stories.  As a Speaker at the Winchester Writers Conference, he advises new authors on self-publishing.  Last year he inaugurated The Quagga Prize and conducted a workshop in Sutton library.

Kathleen JONES

The Sun's Companion, Norman Nicholson: The Whispering Poet, The Centauress, A Passionate Sisterhood, Margaret Forster: A Life in Books, A Glorious Fame,
Kathleen Jones is a biographer, poet and novelist, fascinated by people's lives and addicted to words. She is the award-winning author of both traditionally and independently published books, currently a Royal Literary Fund Fellow in the creative writing dept of Lancaster University.

Christopher JOYCE

The Creatures of Chichester - the one about the stolen dog. The Creatures of Chichester - the one about the mystery blaze. The Creatures of Chichester - the one about the curious cloud

Christopher lives in the centre of Chichester. He's been a teacher, marketing director and even made Venetian Blinds as a young Twoleg in Newport, South Wales. He plans to write at least six books in the Creatures of Chichester series.


London Calling 
The Long Weekend

Clare Lydon is a London-based author whose two books - London Calling and The Long Weekend - have topped the Amazon Lesbian Romance charts around the globe. She's currently working on her next book and survives on a diet of caffeine & Curly Wurlys.


Zappa's Mam's a Slapper; 
A Just and Upright Man; Sharon Wright: Butterfly; 
The International Sales Handbook

John Lynch retired in 2015 after more than 40 years in international sales. He has published four books of which A Just and Upright Man has been shortlisted for the Historical Novel Society’s 2015 Indie Award.


Farewell to Dreams
Snake Skin
Nerves of Steel
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty-seven novels, former pediatric ER doctor CJ Lyons has lived the life she writes about in her cutting edge Thrillers with Heart. Winner of the International Thriller Writers’ coveted Thriller Award.

Martine McDONAGH

After Phoenix
I Have Waited, and You Have Come
Martine McDonagh's first novel was described by Red as 'Sinister, scary and utterly compelling' and by bestselling author Elizabeth Haynes as 'cataclysmically brilliant'. Reviews have also appeared in the Guardian and widely online. McDonagh is the MA Creative Writing and Publishing programme leader at West Dean College, Chichester.


My Memories of a Future Life, Lifeform Three, Nail Your Novel Why Writers Abandon Books & How You Can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence, Writing Characters Who'll Keep Readers Captivated Nail Your Novel 2, Writing Plots With Drama Depth & Heart

Bestselling ghostwriter Roz Morris comes out of the shadows with her own acclaimed literary fiction and manuals for writers. She teaches masterclasses for The Guardian.



Alison Morton writes award-winning alternative history thrillers with a Roman twist. Strong heroines, conspiracy, betrayal, sexy heroes, Roman values and high stakes leavened with touches of humour and much humanity.

Lambert NAGLE

Revolution Earth

Lambert Nagle is the pen name of co-authors Alison Ripley Cubitt and Sean Cubitt. We write thrillers set in sunny climes. Revolution Earth is a conspiracy thriller set in New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica.

Marisha PINK

Finding Arun,
 Last Piece of Me

Marisha Pink is a rat race escapee turned fiction author. In 2013 she published her debut novel, Finding Arun, earning a shortlisting for theQuagga Prize. Her second book, Last Piece of Me, was released in March.Marisha loves to write stories that take readers on an intimate and personal journey. Find out more at


The Platinum Raven and other novellas
The Imagination Thief.

Rohan Quine is an author of literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror, celebrating the darkest and brightest possibilities of human imagination and personality: “The Imagination Thief”, “The Platinum Raven”, “The Host in the Attic”, “Apricot Eyes” and “Hallucination in Hong Kong”.  Website:

Philippa REES

Involution- An Odyssey; A Shadow in Yucatan

South African Philippa Rees is drawn to eccentric people and ideas.  Involution-An Odyssey, a 'symphonic prose' history of science was awarded Runner-up Book of the Year 2013 by the Scientific Medical Network. Shadow in Yucatan, a poetic novella evokes the euphoric sixties. Narrative awarded her three story prizes in 2014.


God's Triangle
Australian-born Ian Richardson has spent most of his life as a journalist, primarily working for BBC radio and television. His interest in family history led him to a tragic scandal and cover-up among missionary relatives in East Bengal. His book is in development in Australia as a feature film.


After The Rising
Before The Fall
Blue Mercy
Books in the "Go Creative!" series
Books in the "ALLi Guidebook" series

Orna Ross writes novels, poems and the Go Creative! books and is Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors.


The Water Gypsy
The Cappuccino Collection

Kay writes short stories for womens’ magazines. She was inspired to write The Water Gypsy after reading the history of people who lived and worked on the waterways. Her short stories are available in The Cappuccino Collection. The Water Gypsy is a finalist in The 2014 Wishing Shelf Awards.


The Piano Player's Son

Lindsay is an award-winning novelist and short story writer. She writes about the complexities of personal relationships: the joy they can bring, the mess they can create. She likes to place characters in difficult situations and see what happens, searching all the time for emotional truth.


Soul Meaning (A Seventeen Series Novel: Book 1), King's Crusade (A Seventeen Series Novel: Book 2), Greene's Calling (A Seventeen Series Novel: Book 3)

A.D. Starrling is the author of the award-winning action thriller series Seventeen, which combines action, adventure, science, and a dose of the paranormal to make each book an explosive, adrenaline-fuelled read.


From Here to Nashville

Julie Stock is a contemporary romance author. Her website is
From Here to Nashville, her debut romance with a country music theme, tells the story of Rachel, who dreams of being a successful singer in Nashville, and Jackson, who's scouting for talent for his independent record label.


Social Engineer,
Invasion of Privacy,
Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors

Ian Sutherland is the crime fiction author of the Deep Web Thriller Series, novels that dramatically expose the online world, reminding us how dangerous the internet can be for the unwary. He is also the author of the non-fiction book, Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, published on April 14th


A Modern Life,
The Changing Room
Jane Turley is the author of the short story collection A Modern Life and the comedy novel The Changing Room. Jane’s distinctive humour and slapstick silliness frequently gets her into trouble. She can be found dispensing it, and more, on her blog The Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife.


The Disappearing Snake
All the Sky
A Midwife Abroad

My first: A medical thriller set in Africa. I was a midwife there. My second:' Wind in the Willows' meets Watershipdown', but in the city and with foxes. And my third, written so long ago: my contribution to the 50 shades debate.


A Sense of Occasion - the Chelmsford stories

Elizabeth Woodcraft served Horlicks in a Milk Bar before becoming a barrister. After two crime novels, A Sense of Occasion is a collection of short stories about four girls from a 60s council estate – dancing to Motown, banning-the-bomb, Betty Crocker cakes and romance. Tommy Steele said 'a lovely lovely read.'

Debbie YOUNG

Quick Change, Stocking Fillers, Opening Up To Indie Authors, Sell Your Books!, Coming To Terms with Type 1 Diabetes

English indie author  of fiction (e.g. Quick Change) and non-fiction (e.g. Opening Up To Indie Authors) who is also Commissioning Editor of ALLi’s Author Advice Centre blog. Also a journalist, bookblogger, book reviewer and founder of the new Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival, launching on 23rd April for World Book Night.


The Chase

Lorna Fergusson runs Fictionfire Literary Consultancy. In 2013 she republished her novel The Chase, previously published by Bloomsbury. Its central characters move to France to escape the pain of a traumatic event – an event which is ripping their marriage apart - only to learn there are some memories you can never escape.


Shadows of the Lost Child 
Watching Charlotte Brontë Die 
Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic story

Ellie Stevenson has written two novels and one collection of short stories. Her latest novel, Shadows of the Lost Child is a partly historical mystery with a time travel twist and some ghosts. Her writing is fuelled by inspiration, determination and plenty of


First You Write: The Worst Way To Become An Almost-Famous Author
Crazy For Trying :
Bald in the Land of Big Hair :
Kill Smartie Breedlove:
The Hurricane Lover:
The Secret Sisters
Your Title Here: How To Craft A Killer Non-fiction Book Proposal

NYT bestselling author Joni Rodgers brings a novelist’s literary sense to ghostwriting celebrity memoirs and a ghostwriter’s savvy to her quirky literary and commercial fiction


Bone Dry (A Soul Shamans Novel)

Holly Bennett uses her burgeoning shaman powers to set up fake hauntings and con her classmates for some seriously needed cash. But when actual life-sucking spirits show up in town, leaving behind a trail of bodies, Holly must put her magic to the test before more lives are lost.


Path Unchosen

I write urban fantasy for readers who still believe in magic, and who enjoy a great read full of dreams and hope.


Sun: Queens of Earth

Yen writes as an outlet for her wild imagination, creating worlds of speculative and science fiction. Having had a vibrant career as a project manager, she now puts her skills to her own creations, as well as in helping others create. Go find her at

Samantha WARREN

The Iron Locket,
The Quick & Dirty Guide to Self-Publishing,
Vampire Assassin

Samantha Warren is a fantasy and science fiction author who spends her days immersed in dragons, space ships, and vampires. She milks cows for fun, collects zombie gnomes, and dreams about the day she’ll meet Boba Fett. Her love is easily purchased with socks or chocolate. ( ).


The January Flower

Orla Broderick was born in Ireland and raised in Wicklow Town. She attended an all girls Irish Catholic boarding school where she was often in trouble. She left Ireland in the nineties to ride motorbikes and explore the world. Orla lived on the Isle of Skye for fifteen years and now on the east coast of Scotland where she is writing her second novel. Her first novel, The January Flower, was nominated for the Polari First Book Prize 2013, and was awarded a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award in 2014


Bloody August

Max Brossin is the author of Bloody August. Previously an Academic Manager and English Language teacher, Max has gained a wealth of stories from travels and observations. Max’s notable neighbours have included the Sultan of Brunei and the US ambassador, who he never asked if he had any spare sugar.


Syrian Coffee

Angela M Formby was born 1943, and grew up in Formby, Sefton. She studied at  Manchester University, where she met and married a Syrian student. They moved to Aleppo, Syria in 1971. She is now in Elgin, Scotland, where she has finally dared to go to print with her writing.


Wild Folk

Flora Kennedy is a Scottish author, poet and creative director. She trained as a journalist in Glasgow before becoming an international, award-winning advertising writer.
Her short story, 'Tenderness' was included in Bloody Scotland’s 'Worth the Wait' eBook. Her new novel, 'The Wild Folk' is a vivid tale of murderous secrets and mysterious folklore.


The Survival of Thomas Ford,
Agency Woman,
Storm Damage

John A. A. Logan is the author of three ebooks: The Survival of Thomas Ford, Agency Woman, and Storm Damage.
His short stories have been published worldwide by Picador and Vintage in paperback anthologies edited by John Fowles, A L Kennedy, Ali Smith, and Toby Litt.

Elizabeth LOVICK

Centenary Stitches

Liz lives and works on the small Orkney island of Flotta.  She has self published many fibre workbooks and is the author of the best selling ‘The Magic of Shetland
Lace Knitting’ and editor of 'Centenary Stitches', a book of patterns updated from the WW1 era.


Boyle's Law
Each New Morn

LG Thomson was short-listed for the Dundee Book Prize and won a national writing competition before independently publishing three novels.  She lives in Ullapool where she presents a radio programme, Losing The Plot.  Her interests include cinema and coastal rowing.  She is currently working on the sequel to Boyle’s Law.