Friday, 4 March 2016

News, news and MASSIVE NEWS!

News - Spring Clean

Some of you are readers, some writers. With the amount of information we generate, we understand this can get confusing. You only want the bits that interest you. Fair enough.

Triskele Books is a home for readers. So from now on our posts are strictly Author Features, Bookclub, Guest Bloggers, House Specials, News and #triskeletuesdays. Come on in and browse.

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News - What We're Up To


JD Smith has released a new book – The Importance of Cover Design. Already raking in the reviews, this is quality advice from an expert.

Catch Triskelites live.

3 March: Jane Dixon-Smith on air, all over the BBC for World Book Day, talking covers. Here she is in Cornwall, giggling about Poldark. (1hr 32)

18/19 March: JJ Marsh at Geneva Writers’ Conference talking choices and the writing community.

14 April: JJ Marsh at London Book Fair Author HQ on collectives.



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